C# Fundamental | Introduction and Environment setup

Goal of this post is to give you the introduction that what we are going to achieve after completion of the video series. It will contain series of video which will make you proficient in C# programming language, and you will be able to develop your own software

Here is list of few major topics which we will cover.

  • Data types
  • Control statements
  • Class and Objects
  • Unit Testing
  • Value type and Reference type
  • Event and Delegate
  • Object Oriented Programming.
  • Collections
  • Error handling

These are few to name out, will learn a lot more than this.

Now we will install the Software Development Kit which will require for the software development.

We will install two components

  1. .NET Core SDK: This will help us to compile and run the system.
  2. Visual Studio code: Place to write the code, this is cross platform we can install it to any operating system.

Let’s install .NET Core SDK

You can navigate to the: this web address: dot.net or dotnet.microsoft.com it will land to the same page.

Now click on the download button.

As I am on windows system, this has by default selected windows, if you are using any other operating system then select the operating system you are on.

                we can see [Download .NET Core SDK] option, click on it will download the installer. Installation is very simple install and next – next it will install the sdk.

Now we will install the Visual studio core: Navigate your browser to you the: code.visualstudio.com

Select your operating system and click download.

Installation is same as above install and next – next.

Thank you. Will see in in next video: Where we will learn about the .Net core and .net framework.

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